About Us

RealTalk Factchecker is a project initiated by a team of young, socially and politically aware millennials aiming to contribute to the fight against fake news and post-truth politics. RealTalk provides data-hinged perspective on issues mostly meddled by propaganda pretending to be objective information and topics that can be better viewed using numbers, facts, and official documents.

As a platform, RealTalk aims to produce data-hinged reports rooted from readily available resources from official sources and package into something that might interest news readers and netizens.

RealTalk, in its launch version, will provide its readers with data-hinged stories, factchecks, and multimedia products aimed at highlighting facts and figures while at the same time providing context and standpoint of Filipinos from all walks of life.

As a young project, RealTalk currently runs through the goodwill of the core team. From the website hosting to the cost of acquiring official documents, the money used for funding the content of RealTalk came from the pockets of the members of the team.


Vino Lucero
Founder and Executive Editor

Gene Paolo Gumagay
Multimedia Editor

Jordan De Guzman
Publicity and Marketing Director

Nacho Domingo

Gershon Cariño
Linkages and Partnerships Director

Donn Esbert Bernal
Events Director