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Murky Boracay land reform direction threatens island’s future, Malaynon livelihood

For the people of Malay, Aklan, Duterte's plans for Boracay are of truly heightened interest.

/ July 23, 2018
Rice farmers at work in the Philippines

Rice production and need for conserving prime agri lands, as told by numbers

Declining rice land, low production and conversions of agricultural lands threaten security of Philippine rice supply.

/ June 17, 2018

Common-good land protection over other interests, through policies and numbers

MANILA, Philippines With land being a limited and finite resource, human demand and utilization have gotten in the way of upholding environmental protection and ethical land use and conversion. In fact, with the 30 million hectares of land in the...

/ June 12, 2018

Philippine IPs, by policies and numbers

MANILA, Philippines – With October signaling the annual celebration of National Indigenous Peoples Month, it is more and more apt to talk about the indigenous people in the Philippines as well as their communities. The Philippine Statistics Authority defined “indigenous...

/ October 25, 2017

A peek on PH fisheries situation

The future of Philippine fisheries might be in danger.

/ October 7, 2017

More than 1.1-M Filipinos ‘no grade completed’

Only 17 million graduated college, more than 28 million reached high school only, and around 16 million studied up to elementary school only.

/ April 10, 2017

Filipino women’s life as told by numbers

Data reveals extensive continued discrimination, harassment of Filipino women

/ April 9, 2017

One woman in every 5 winners for 2016 elections

COMELEC data shows disparity in women winning polls

/ March 8, 2017

Lowest PH daily minimum wage at 235 pesos

Mimaropa and Eastern Visayas tied at bottom of minimum wage table; Metro Manila tops list

/ March 4, 2017