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Duterte rallies PDP-Laban in shift to federalism.

Changing the Charter, across administrations

Philippine presidents often make the oath to create charter change. The Duterte administration wants to do the same. Why and what for?

/ July 6, 2018

Farmers’ infighting lead to disruption of farming activities

The ideal situation for any sector in any community is to be united in campaigns, calls for action, and even in planning up to implementation. However, in same cases, members have differences in intents and ideologies, leading to infighting and...

/ January 16, 2018

‘Progress’ at the expense of farmers’ interests

Filipino rural communities are caught in the crossfire between agrarian reform and "development" through infrastructure.

/ January 14, 2018
Photo: LGU Makilala

Guiding paralegals on agrarian reform

In the struggle towards a reformed land sector, getting to grips with the law is a must.

/ December 14, 2017

#AgriFYI: Continuing security of land tenure

MANILA, Philippines – Agrarian reform policies in the past has benefited some of Filipino farmers all over the country. In one part, this is a success worth celebrating – seeing lives of formerly landless farmers transformed through the hope of...

/ July 25, 2017

#AgriFYI: DENR and agrarian reform

MANILA, Philippines – It has been three decades since the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP) has been instituted. With the aim of redistributing some nine million hectares of public and private agricultural lands, the program was the supposed saving grace...

/ July 11, 2017