Tag: Data

More than 1.1-M Filipinos ‘no grade completed’

Only 17 million graduated college, more than 28 million reached high school only, and around 16 million studied up to elementary school only.

/ April 10, 2017

Filipino women’s life as told by numbers

Data reveals extensive continued discrimination, harassment of Filipino women

/ April 9, 2017

Lowest PH daily minimum wage at 235 pesos

Mimaropa and Eastern Visayas tied at bottom of minimum wage table; Metro Manila tops list

/ March 4, 2017

Senate’s first 7 months, by the numbers

And while the Senate seemed to deserve a gold star for the amount of media coverage they got from these hearings, a quick peek on their legislative performance might give a different impression.

/ February 17, 2017

Poverty more prevalent in non-Luzon regions

Philippine Statistical Authority data reveals that larger concentration of people in poverty are living outside Luzon

/ February 7, 2017

A data-driven look at drug war deaths

There are 2,016 names on the Philippine Daily Inquirer’s “Kill List” of deaths from the drug war. Who were they?

/ February 3, 2017