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Rice farmers at work in the Philippines

Rice production and need for conserving prime agri lands, as told by numbers

Declining rice land, low production and conversions of agricultural lands threaten security of Philippine rice supply.

/ June 17, 2018

Common-good land protection over other interests, through policies and numbers

MANILA, Philippines With land being a limited and finite resource, human demand and utilization have gotten in the way of upholding environmental protection and ethical land use and conversion. In fact, with the 30 million hectares of land in the...

/ June 12, 2018

#AgriFYI: Planning the Land Sector’s Future

A new land sector development framework is poised to reform the way land is used and developed.

/ September 20, 2017

#AgriFYI: Continuing security of land tenure

MANILA, Philippines – Agrarian reform policies in the past has benefited some of Filipino farmers all over the country. In one part, this is a success worth celebrating – seeing lives of formerly landless farmers transformed through the hope of...

/ July 25, 2017
Members of Cordillera indigenous cultural communities take part in celebrations of Indigenous Peoples Month. Photo: PIA

#AgriFYI: IPs, protected areas, and territories

Indigenous Peoples, local communities, and supposed-to-be protected areas in our country have been left behind for too long. However, in Congress lies a sliver of hope.

/ July 14, 2017