MANILA, Philippines – As we celebrate the National Women’s Month, we interviewed three powerful women from different walks of life to talk about their lives, women’s issues, and our country’s situation.

We first interviewed Geri Cerillo of KARAPATAN Alliance for the Advancement of People’s Rights. She is one of many women working as human rights defenders in the Philippines.

Ms. Cerillo and her colleagues dedicate their time on defending people’s rights and civil liberties by providing all kinds of help to political prisoners, torture victims, relatives of the disappeared and victims of extrajudicial killings, displacement, among others.

Human rights defenders in the country have been standing up to state oppression decades before today, marked especially by a bloody resistance against the rule of former President Ferdinand Marcos.

In this video, Ms. Cerillo told us about her work and the need for women to come together to stand up for their rights and liberties.– RealTalk, March 11, 2017

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